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The Standing Rules are supplemental to the Bylaws and may be adopted, amended, or revoked by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors has authorized the Club Management to see that the Bylaws and Standing Rules are observed.


            Initiation fees shall be as follows:

                        SENIOR/NEW MEMBER                                                  $20,000


                        NON-RESIDENT PAYING AT AGE 35                             $6,500

                        SENIOR/JUNIOR INTERMEDIATE/NEW MEMBERS       $20,000*

                          (*No additional fee when becoming a Senior)


As per Article III, Section 7, all initiation fees shall be payable at the times and in the manner prescribed by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors may, upon written proof showing hardship, authorize payment of said fees in installments.


DUES (ARTICLE III, SECTION 8)                            

Monthly dues:                                                                                         Facilities Depreciation 

    RESIDENT                                                                               Dues         Dues

                        CHILD (0-14)                                                        $ 0           $  0

                        JUNIOR (15-24)                                                   $ 42          $  4

                        JUNIOR INTERMEDIATE (25-29)                       $  81          $ 8

                        SENIOR INTERMEDIATE (30-34)                        $ 188         $ 16

                        SENIOR FAMILY (35-64)                                     $ 245        $ 20

                        SENIOR SINGLE (35-64)                                     $ 195         $ 16

                        SUSTAINING COUPLE (65-74)                            $ 188        $ 16

                        SUSTAINING SINGLE (65-74)                              $ 142        $ 12

                        LIFE COUPLE (75+)                                              $ 79          $ 8

                        LIFE SINGLE (75+)                                                $ 62          $ 6

                        HONORARY/MILITARY                                        $ 0             -

                        ON LEAVE                                                            $ 0             -

Annual dues:


                        CHILD (0-14)                                                          $ 0                -

                        JUNIOR (15-24)                                                     $ 0                -

                        JUNIOR INTERMEDIATE (25-29)                         $ 259          $ 22

                        SENIOR INTERMEDIATE (30-34)                         $ 641           $ 54

                        SENIOR (35-64)                                                    $ 849           $ 70

                        SUSTAINING (65-74)                                            $ 757           $ 62

                        LIFE (75+ yrs)                                                        $ 258           $ 22


Special dues:

            LAGUNITAS GUEST CARD DUES for a period of time set     $3,500

                 each year at the discretion of the Board

All dues shall be billed in advance.  Members whose accounts are delinquent shall not be permitted to incur any further indebtedness.


The annual social minimum for the following membership categories shall be:

                        SENIOR FAMILY                                                                 $ 750

                        SENIOR SINGLE                                                                 $ 498

                        SUSTAINING COUPLE                                                      $ 563

                        SUSTAINING SINGLE                                                        $ 375

Members must use ½ of their social minimum in each six month period of the year (January 1 – June 30, July 1 – December 31).  If any members have not utilized their minimum in full each six month period, the bills rendered at the end of July and at the end of January shall include charges for the unused portion of the minimum.


A late fee of $25 shall be charged if payment on one’s account is not received before the 25TH of the month in which it is due.  If such indebtedness is not paid by the 25TH of the month next following, an additional late fee of $50 will be charged and the member’s name will be posted.  If such indebtedness is not paid by the 25th of the next month, an additional late fee of $100 will be charged and the member will be subject to suspension from the Club.


It is the responsibility of the member to notify the Club of his or her desire to change membership category.  The member must write to the Board of Directors requesting such change in category within 30 days of when the change should occur (i.e. birthday, move to or from the area, death or divorce of spouse).


Guest cards for up to a two week period at a charge of $100 per person (10 years of age and up) will be available at the Board’s discretion.  Applications for guest cards shall be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors by the sponsoring member, and, if approved, will be issued by the Secretary.  Guest cards will be issued only for visiting family members or social acquaintances of members and will not be issued as a consideration for house rental or other commercial activities.


The Club shall not orally or in writing contract with or undertake in any way to enter any relationship for the providing of goods or services by any Club member whereby the Club member is to receive compensation or payment in any form, monetary or otherwise, from the Club except as specifically allowed by the Board of Directors.



Out of courtesy to fellow members, the use of personal electronic devices such as, but not limited to, cell phones, laptop computers, tablets, PDAs, Game Boys, and Personal Listening Devices on Club grounds is prohibited unless the user is in the privacy of his/her automobile or in the Club office.  Members are responsible for communicating this rule to their guests.



Members are requested to carefully review these rules and principles and bring them to the attention of all members of their families.  These rules are in effect to bring about maximum enjoyment of our activities and facilities by all Club members and their guests.

Activities are not to start before 7:30a.m.



1.    Conventional tennis attire is required for play on courts.  Tennis shoes (only non-scuff soles) and shirts must be worn for all play.  Bathing suits are not acceptable attire on the courts.

2.    Senior (or older) and intermediate matches shall have preference over junior/children’s doubles and singles matches except weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. when all members shall have equal privileges.  Senior/intermediate matches shall include at least one Senior, Sustaining, Life, Senior Intermediate, or Junior Intermediate member.

3.    Doubles matches shall always have preference over singles matches.  A 3-player match shall be considered a singles match. 

4.    Junior members or children must promptly and graciously relinquish a court to a Senior (or older) or Intermediate member except as noted in Rule 2.

5.    The usual rules of court conduct will apply at all times: 

·         Remain seated when not playing.

·         Talk in low voices so as not to disturb the players.

·         Cross courts only at the back fence and only between points, preferably between games.

·         Courteous deportment is expected of all players.

·         Smoking on the courts is not allowed.

·         When all courts are in use, 2 sets of doubles and 1 set of singles is appropriate.

6.    Use of the backboard behind Courts 5 and 6 is subject to prior permission of all players using those courts.  In no case shall the backboard be used during a tournament match.

7.    Food and breakable glassware are not permitted on the courts.

8.    Courts are for tennis and paddle play and practice only.  Bicycles, skates, skateboards, and other play apparatus (including playpens) are not permitted on the courts.

9.    Animals are not permitted on the courts.

10.     Any infractions of the above will be subject to review by the Board of Directors.


All tennis court rules shall also apply to the use of the paddle courts with the following differences:

1.    When all courts are in use, players may play 3 sets of doubles or 1 ½ hours whichever occurs first.

2.    Nighttime play must be concluded by 8:30p.m.  Our use permit prohibits any lights on the courts after 8:30p.m.


1.            Members have full responsibility for their guests, must accompany their guests while at the Club and be fully responsible for their adherence to the Club rules.

2.            No guest may be invited to the Club more than once per week, unless participating in a weekly set of lessons.  Monday through Friday a member may bring a maximum of 3 tennis guests to the Club at any one time.   A member may bring a maximum of 2 paddle guests at any one time.

3.            Guests must be registered in the Clubhouse or on the courts before using the courts and must have a day-parking pass for any car parked in the Club lot.

4.            Court guest fees cover either tennis or paddle privileges (not both) and do not cover swimming privileges.

5.            A member may apply to the Board for dispensation from the 1/week and 3 maximum guest rules if he/she has immediate family visiting for an extended period.


Adults                                  $6 weekends and holidays

 (ages 15 and above)          $4 weekdays  


Children                              $4 weekends and holidays

 (ages 4 through 14)            $2 weekdays                    


1.    League play will be encouraged and promoted subject to maintaining the availability of courts for members’ use.

2.    The Board of Directors must approve all league play at the Club.

3.    Captains, who must be members, will recruit qualified players from within the membership first, then may fill in their rosters outside the membership after giving all qualified Club members an opportunity to participate.  At least 75% of any team must be comprised of dues paying members or dues paying Lagunitas Guest Card Holders.  Any non-member players must be invited by a member.

4.    Court time will be made available for league play but no more than 3 Club courts may be used at any one time.

5.    No guest fees will be charged to team members who are not Club members while participating in a league match.  Guest fees will be charged for participation in team clinics or practices.

6.    The tennis captain must submit a schedule of play and a team roster to the tennis chairman before league play begins.  The schedule of matches must be posted in the Clubhouse prior to the League season.

7.    A designated Club member must be present during all league play.


Participation in Interclub matches is open to all Club members.  The captains designated for each event will select players, field a balanced and competitive team and direct the match play.  Members interested in playing in a particular match are encouraged to contact the designated captain.


Fees charged by the Racquets Professional will be posted at the Clubhouse.  The Racquets Pro may be contacted at the Pro Shop.  A ball machine will be available for use during non-lesson hours by Club members.  Group lessons and clinics will also be available.


  1. The lifeguard, when in attendance, is in charge at all times the pool is open.  The Board of Directors has delegated full authority to the lifeguard to enforce the rules and to maintain discipline.
  2. Children under the age of 10 will not be admitted to the pool area unless accompanied by someone 16 years of age or older.
  3. No one will be permitted in the pool area during the summer season unless the lifeguard is present or a Buddy System is in effect (minimum of 2 adults, 18 or over).



Adults                                     $6 weekends and holidays

(ages 15 and above)               $4 weekdays  


Children                                $4 weekends and holidays

(ages 4 through 14)               $2 weekdays                    

Babysitters                             No guest fee

  1. All members must register themselves, their guests, and babysitters when using the pool.  (Don’t forget the day parking pass if needed.)  In the event a member fails to sign up a guest, the appropriate guest fee shall be doubled.  It is the member’s responsibility to inform their babysitters about the Club rules.
  2. Swimming guest fees do not cover tennis or paddle tennis privileges.
  3. No guest may be invited more than twice per week, except when participating in a weeks set of lessons.
  4. No member (family or single membership) may invite more than three guests to the pool area at any one time.
  5. Non-members may take swimming lessons when invited by a member.  Guest fees will apply if the non-member uses the pool beyond the lesson time.


  1. There will be absolutely no running in the swimming pool area.
  2. Persons in bathing suits are to remain within the pool enclosure.  Those clad in bathing suits are not permitted in other areas of the Club premises.
  3. All babies must wear swim diapers.


1.     Members must make reservations for guests attending Wednesday night Barbecues, both Tablecloth and Non-Tablecloth evenings.  There will be a charge of $5 per guest over 4 years of age at the Non-Tablecloth Barbecues.

2.    Wednesday Night Barbecues start at 5:30 p.m.  A table can be reserved for a $25 fee.  Those setting their table prior to 5:30 p.m. are subject to this fee.


  1. With rare exceptions only members may rent the Club.
  2. Rental requests will be considered in the order received and may be granted at the discretion of the Board.  Once the date and terms of the rental have been approved, all party arrangements should be made with the manager.  Types of rentals:
    1. Member Rental Members may request rental of the Clubhouse and/or Grove throughout the year.  A member must complete a rental request form which states the requested date of rental, the type of party planned, and the services desired.  The member must also confirm that the rental is for the member’s own use and that he or she is paying the costs without reimbursement from others.  This form should be submitted to the Manager.
    2. Member-sponsored Rental If a member is being reimbursed by a non-member for expenses of the event, or a non-member is paying event expenses such as catering and valet parking, the event will be deemed a member-sponsored rental.  The same application process, as in 2a., applies but the member-sponsored rental fees will be imposed.
  3. The swimming pool area, tennis courts, and paddle courts are not available for rental or for Private Parties.
  4. Arrangements for services for parties of 25 or more:
    1. Licensed caterers must be used for all parties at which food is served and must provide a Certificate of Insurance.  The renter should coordinate arrangements for this catering with the manager.
    2. Valet parking is required for parties over 75 people.
  5. The member must sign the Lagunitas Country Club Waiver and Indemnification Agreement and comply with all the provisions therein.
  6. CHILDREN’S PARTIES:  The Clubhouse or Grove area will be rented for children’s parties only if one adult member for each 10 children is in attendance throughout the party.
  7. TEENAGE PARTIES:  the maximum number of teenagers at a party shall be 50.  There must be the following number of senior members attending each party to serve as chaperons:


Teenage Attendance                      Member Chaperons

0-20                                                                    3

21-30                                                                   4

31-40                                                                   5

41-50                                                                   6


Chaperons must actively supervise teenagers to ensure proper behavior.  Lights must remain on at all times.  Teenagers are to remain in the Clubhouse.  They are not to roam freely in the parking lots and other facilities.  Chaperons must periodically check these areas to ensure compliance. 

Member chaperons must accept full responsibility for the conduct of teenagers and guests while at the Club.  It is not the responsibility of the manager or his staff to supervise teenagers.  In the event of any misconduct, the manager or his representatives shall notify the chaperons and request that the matter be resolved immediately.  If the situation continues or in the event of a major incident that violates the Club’s rules, the manager will notify the President of the Club or another Board member within 24 hours and will prepare a detailed written report of the circumstances.

8.    MUSIC: 

   OUTSIDE MUSIC:  No outdoor music, acoustic or amplified, is allowed during Club rentals. No person shall at any time use or operate any musical instrument or any device, machine, apparatus or instrument for intensification or amplification of the human voice, or of any sound or noise period.  (Ross Ordinance 9.20.040) 

   INDOOR MUSIC: With Board approval, acoustic music (non-amplified) may be allowed indoors with all doors and windows closed - as outlined in the Club’s Use Permit. We are allowed a limited number of amplified music events according to the Club’s Use Permit. To get approval for amplified music, you need to submit a written request to the Board of Directors. Amplified music is not guaranteed for rentals because the Club has the right to reserve the limited number of amplified music events for club events. No music may be played after 10:30 p.m. and all doors and windows must be closed while the music is playing. For approved amplified music, there will be a fee of $500 for members and $2000 for member sponsored events. There is no charge for acoustic music indoors.

  1. WEDDINGS:  Birdseed, confetti, and/or rice will not be permitted at wedding receptions (as well as all other parties).
  2. Fees for rental of the Clubhouse and/or Grove area:
    1. Basic rental fees:                             Members        Member Sponsored

Groups under 50 persons                            $ 15/person          $ 40/person

                                                               (minimum of $150)   (minimum of $400)

50-100 persons                                            $1000                    $2500

100-150 persons                                           $1200                    $3500

150 or more                                                  $1400                    $4500

            Non-Refundable Deposit             25% of fee              50% of fee

            (Payable when date approved and applied to rental)

The basic Clubhouse rental fee does not cover the use of Club flatware, dishes, and glassware, washing of dishes and glassware, setting up and taking down of tables, or clean-up.  Only member rentals may use Club flatware, and glasses.  There will be $1 charged per guest for use of the Club’s china, glassware, and/or flatware.  Note:  for parties over 50, all dishes, glassware, and flatware will need to be rented from outside the Club.  Mixing Club and non-Club items (dishes, glassware, etc.) is not permitted.

    1. Overtime:  basic rental fees are for 7 hours.  There will be a charge of $300 per hour for overtime.  No rental shall go beyond 10:30p.m.
    2. Rental fees are for normal wear and tear.  Renter accepts financial responsibility for any damages caused by their party and/or for restoring the Club to its previous condition.  In circumstances where a rental results in the need for restoring the Clubhouse to its previous condition, extra charges will be incurred by the renter at the rate of $50 per manhour.
    3. During Thanksgiving week, and from the first weekend in December through December 15th, there will be an additional holiday fee of $250 for rental of the Club.  During December rentals, the Club Christmas decorations will remain in place during this time.   No December rentals accepted December 15th – 31st .
    4. Wages:  The Club will charge for clean up at the rate of $50 per hour if additional clean up is required.  There will be a charge of $40 per hour for a manager to be on site.
    5. Statements for all charges incident to a given rental will be mailed to the member renter by the Club, such charges being due and payable upon receipt.  The member renter will be held accountable for all rental charges as well as for any damage to the Club property sustained during the rental.
    6. Corkage fees will be as follows:

Members:                   Member


Wine                           $10 per bottle            $15 per bottle

Beer                            $25 per keg               $25 per keg

                                    $10 per case             $15 per case

Soda                           $10 per case             $15 per case

Bottled Water            $10 per case             $15 per case

h.   Liquor must be purchased from the Club – as stipulated in the Club’s Liquor License issued by the State of California.




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